Aug 23, 2019  
Graduate Record 2010-2011 
Graduate Record 2010-2011 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

GCOM 7410 - Tax Research

This course is designed to equip students with the special investigative skills, and the technical tools, techniques, and insights required to analyze, interpret, summarize, and present complex financial, tax, accounting, and business related issues in a manner that is both understandable and supported by documentary evidence. This course has been designed to expose students to the various statutory, administrative, and judicial sources of the tax law. Case studies are used throughout the course to assist students in developing and refining their proficiency in identifying issues, locating and interpreting pertinent authority, and effectively and professionally communicating their conclusions. Students learn how to use several commercially available research tools (LEXIS/NEXIS, RIA CheckPoint, etc.), analytical tools (e.g., financial modeling tools and simulation tools), and presentation tools more creatively, more efficiently, and more effectively.

Credits: 3