Sep 26, 2020  
Graduate Record 2008-2009 
Graduate Record 2008-2009 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

ENPG 550 - Counterpoint Seminar in Teaching Modern Literature

This course offers future elementary, middle, and high school teachers of English the opportunity to reflect on their own college learning of the subject; it teaches those future teachers how to convert that earlier learning into the stuff of K-12 teaching. Specifically, the course looks back at ENGL 383, the last part of the English Department’s 3-semester survey required for undergraduate majors (or equivalent courses that future teachers may have taken elsewhere) and reconsiders that content for its application to K-12 classrooms.  The course is co-taught by instructors from Curry and the Department of English. (IR)

Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisites: ENGL 383 or its equivalent or permission of instructors. English Department MA and PHD students must register for course as EDIS 589.  (ENPG 550 for Curry students only.)

Credits: 3