May 21, 2019  
Undergraduate Record 2008-2009 
Undergraduate Record 2008-2009 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

COMM 462F - Managing and Leading

This course focuses explicitly on leadership from a managerial perspective trying to understand what it is, what factors contribute to doing it effectively, and how you can develop your promise as a leader. The course deals with leadership concepts from an applied perspective rather than a strictly theoretical perspective. The goals of this course are to: a) Give you a richer understanding of what managerial leadership involves; b) Help you formulate your own model of leadership; and c) Give you some feedback about your own leadership characteristics and skills. The course is a mixture of lecture, discussion, experiential learning, projects, and case analysis. The emphasis is on exploiting diverse ways of learning. Class time will be spent in exploring ideas from the reading, applying them to experience, interpreting and feeding back data from exercises, and applying knowledge to case discussion.

Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisite: Fourth-year Commerce standing or instructor permission.

Credits: 3