Apr 23, 2021  
Graduate Record 2007-2008 
Graduate Record 2007-2008 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

HIST 701 - Atlantic World

Introduces graduate students in all fields of history to their overlapping and complementing aspects in an Atlantic context from the fifteenth through the eighteenth centuries.  It distinguishes a historical epistemology significantly distinct from, but also integral to, any of its component fields.  Thus it supports regional graduate history fields and dissertation research.  It also orients students toward development of qualifications to meet the “world history” component of many current teaching positions.  Graduate students in other departments may find the colloquium a useful enhancement to their primary academic agendas, as well as for reflection on the relationships of thinking historically to their own academic disciplines.  ABDs are welcome to participate in the colloquium as a dissertation-writing workshop. (SI)

Credits: 3