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Graduate Record 2007-2008 
Graduate Record 2007-2008 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

LAW4 704 - International Deal Making: Legal and Business Aspects

This course will focus on the application of legal and business knowledge to real-world transactions in the international context. The course will enroll law students and Darden business students who are interested in applying their knowledge to deal structuring, legal and business concerns, negotiations, documentation, and deal closing. In the typical class session, the first hour will be an overview lecture on the topic, or a discussion of the assigned readings. The second hour will be spent on an assigned “caselet” (a short-form case) developed specifically for this course. Each caselet will involve one significant cross-border transaction, and will deal with specific issues (such as deal structuring, negotiating, documenting, etc.) that arose during the course of that deal. Examples of successful and unsuccessful cross-border transactions will be used. Among the deals to be examined will be: 1) Negotiating the first U.S. government loan ($32 million) to China since 1949; 2) Structuring the then largest direct investment in China ($83 million) by a Taiwan investor; 3) Evaluating the legal and business issues surrounding the first IPO of a Chinese company in Hong Kong (HK$889 million); 4) Pioneering the first Chinese Dragon bond issue in the Singapore markets ($50 million); 5) Arranging a $500 million Philippine government SOE privatization sale to a Norwegian investor; 6) Writing a proper investment banking engagement letter for the raising of debt and equity funding to build a new five-star resort hotel in Indonesia; 7) Raising funds ($175 million) for the Burmese government in connection with a $1 billion energy project in Burma and Thailand, at a time when President Bill Clinton and the U.S. government had decided to impose sanctions on Burma; 8) Creating a novel structured finance transaction to help a U.S. company buy the valuable mineral barite from a remote mine in Asia; and 9) Negotiating a dispute resolution in an international trade transaction, with a legal solution and a business solution, which made new law in the country affected.

Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisite: Corporations or Corporations (Law & Business) recommended, but not required.

Credits: 2