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Undergraduate Record 2007-2008 
Undergraduate Record 2007-2008 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

CS 586 - Real-Time Systems

This course presents the underlying theory, concepts, and practice for real-time systems, such as avionics, process control, space travel, mobile computing and ubiquitous computing. The goals of the course include: introducing the unique problems that arise when time constraints are imposed on systems, identifying basic theory and the boundary between what is known today and what is still research, stressing a systems integration viewpoint in the sense of showing how everything fits together rather than presenting a collection of isolated solutions, and addressing multiprocessing and distributed systems. This course also presents some of the basic results from what might be called the classical technology of real-time computing and presents these results in the context of new applications of this technology in ubiquitous/pervasive computer systems. (Y)

Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisite: CS 333 and 414 with grades of C- or higher.

Credits: 3