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Undergraduate Record 2007-2008 
Undergraduate Record 2007-2008 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

BIOM 464 - Biomedical Engineering Capstone Design II

A year-long design project in biomedical engineering required for BME majors. Students select, formulate, and solve a design problem either for a device or system “design & build” project or a “design of experiment” research project. Projects use conceptual design, skills obtained in the integrated lab, and substantial literature and patent reviews. Projects may be sponsored by BME faculty, medical doctors, and/or companies. Students may work on their own with outside team members when appropriate or with other SEAS students in integrative teams. (Y)

Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisite: APMA 212, 213, 311, BIOM 201, 204, 310, 380, fourth-year standing in BME major, or instructor permission.

Credits: 3