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Undergraduate Record 2005-2006 
Undergraduate Record 2005-2006 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

EDIS 503B - Assessment and Instructional Programming for Young Children: Age Four to Age Eight

This course covers assessment and programming for children ages 4 through 8 who are typically developing, at-risk or have identified disabilities. The first half of the course reviews typical and atypical development as well as federal mandates and state regulations for conducting assessments for Part B programs. Students learn to select, administer, and interpret formal and informal assessments to determine eligibility for special education services, diagnose learning needs, plan and modify instruction, and monitor student progress. The second half of this course covers a wide range of competencies related to curriculum and instruction including how to design and modify learning environments to meet individualized needs, select and use age-appropriate materials, develop and manage IEPs for students with disabilities, integrate the Virginia SOLs, into learning experiences and, use appropriate instructional methods including direct instruction, differentiated instruction and flexible groupings. (Y)

Prerequisites & Notes
Corequisite: EDIS 388.

Credits: 3