Aug 11, 2020  
Undergraduate Record 2005-2006 
Undergraduate Record 2005-2006 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

EDIS 527 - ECDR Teaching Methods in Math, Science, and Social Studies

This course focuses on instructional strategies in science, social studies, and mathematics for use with preschool to grade 3 population. An emphasis will be on effective teaching that accommodates diverse learners. Students will gain an understanding of the knowledge, skills, and processes of history; the social science disciplines (geography, civics/economics); science (earth, life, and physical); and mathematics as defined in the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs). Students will learn how to a) integrate these content areas into learning experiences, b) incorporate instructional technology, and c) evaluate materials, instruction, and student achievement. Students will also learn effective instructional methods for teaching preschool and early elementary mathematics (e.g., number systems; elementary number theory, ratio, proportion and percent). Additionally, students will learn how to design active preschool and early elementary science and history/social science programs by organizing key content into meaningful units of instruction and designing instruction to reflect the Virginia SOLs. (Y)

Prerequisites & Notes
Corequisite: EDIS 488.

Credits: 3