Jan 30, 2023  
Summer Record 2006 
Summer Record 2006 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

University Regulations

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Students at the University of Virginia are subject to the University’s academic, financial, and non-academic rules and regulations. In addition, students are subject to the academic policies of the school in which they are enrolled. The information contained herein and any other information conveyed to students is subject to change at any time by the authorities responsible for making these rules and regulations.

The University reserves the right to suspend, enforce the withdrawal of, or expel a student who violates the University’s Standards of Conduct or whose academic standing is, in its judgment, unsatisfactory. In addition, the University will automatically enforce the dismissal of a student certified by the Honor Committee to be guilty of a breach of the Honor System, and, where applicable, will consider revocation of a degree already conferred. All students are expected to comply with all University of Virginia Standards of Conduct as well as any other regulations found in the Undergraduate or Graduate Record.