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Graduate Record 2020-2021 
Graduate Record 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

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Affinity Clubs

Asia Business Club at Darden (ABCD) increases awareness within Darden about Asia, and increases awareness about Darden within Asia. The club organizes and supports the following activities: cultural and academic activities; recruitment and professional activities; admissions activities. The club communicates and supports relevant initiatives of related committees and organizations within Darden, such as the Global Business Culture Club (GBCC), Graduate Women in Business (GWIB), Humans of Darden (HOD), and the International Student Advisory Group (ISAG).

Black Business Student Association (BBSA) is organized and focused on bringing together the past, present, and future Darden African-American and African Diaspora communities.  In that vein, BBSA develops programs that promote academic excellence, provide safe environments for the discussion of issues around race and culture, support professional development, offer a forum for social activities,  and opportunities for participation in community service.  The club also communicates and supports relevant initiatives of key offices and organizations within Darden such as the Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion and Admissions.

Darden Christian Fellowship (DCF) is a non-denominational fellowship group seeking to be a Christian community and encourage Darden believers as they grow in faith, while also reflecting Christ’s selfless love to the broader Darden Community.

Darden African Business Organization (DABO) has a primary goal of contributing to the learning environment, diversity, and global leadership initiative at Darden by providing students and faculty an opportunity to learn more about African businesses, economics, cultures, and politics. Additionally, DABO works to expand Darden’s network in Africa and increase the representation of African students. The club communicates and supports relevant initiatives of related committees and organizations within Darden, such as the Global Business Culture Club (GBCC) and the International Student Advisory Group (ISAG).

Darden Jewish Student Association (DJSA) serves to further the awareness of Jewish culture, tradition and history within the Darden community through educational and social avenues. The DJSA cultivates and supports a friendly community for Jewish and non-Jewish students to congregate, learn, converse, and network. Membership is open to all students regardless of background or religious faith.

Darden Latter-Day Saint Student Association (LDSSA) is a club to help members of the Darden community (students, faculty and families) maintain balance between their professional, personal and spiritual lives and live consistently with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Darden LDSSA exists to represent The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormons) within the Darden community. The club will be a resource to applicants, students and alumni interested in the LDS environment at the Darden School of Business. Darden LDSSA membership is open to all students, not just those who practice the LDS faith. Social activities are planned for both club members and Darden as a whole.

Darden Military Association (DMA) assists First Year students in making the transition from the military to the private sector, performs volunteer community service in Charlottesville, builds esprit de corps and camaraderie within the Darden community, and hosts lively leisure events.

Darden Partners Association (DPA) is an inclusive community for spouses, partners, families and significant others of Darden Students. The DPA connects Partners to each other, Darden and the Charlottesville community.

Darden South Asian Society (DSAS) brings together members of the Darden community who are interested in business and cultural aspects of the South Asian geographical region. The club organizes seminars, speaker series, panels, recruiting events, cultural and sporting events distinctive to this region.  The club communicates and supports relevant initiatives of related committees and organizations within Darden, such as the Global Business Culture Club (GBCC) and the International Student Advisory Group (ISAG).

European Society has the mission of promoting awareness of Darden in Europe and appreciation of European culture, business and political affairs in the Darden community. It focuses on improving relationships between Europeans and students/alumni from all over the world.  The club communicates and supports relevant initiatives of related committees and organizations within Darden, such as the Global Business Culture Club (GBCC) and the International Student Advisory Group (ISAG).

Pride at Darden (Formerly GLAD) dedicated to promoting an inclusive, open and welcoming environment for LGBTQ students, educating and improving awareness of LGBTQ issues within Darden and the surrounding Charlottesville Area, and facilitating networking with other LGBTQ communities, other business schools and with diversity-friendly employers.

Graduate Women in Business (GWIB) promotes the role of professional women by enabling each woman to find her place by providing support across the academic, recruiting, and social spheres of life at Darden and by establishing alumnae networking that lasts a lifetime. GWIB provides a forum to discuss the issues and challenges women face in their careers and other activities that build awareness of women in leadership positions; GWIB also allows both female and male students, who are interested in promoting the role of professional women, to share experiences, find support, and develop constructive plans for action and allyship. GWIB also communicates with and supports relevant initiatives of key offices and organizations within the Darden Enterprise such as the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Admissions.

Hispanic American Network at Darden (HAND) represents the interests of Hispanic American students; creates awareness and promotes Darden to prospective Hispanic American MBA candidates; creates, maintains, and strengthens ties with Hispanic American Darden alumni; supports career development opportunities for its membership; and partners with the Darden community to promote a forum for exploration of diversity within the Darden, University of Virginia, and Charlottesville communities and businesses at large. HAND also communicates with and supports relevant initiatives of key offices and organizations within Darden such as the Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion and Admissions.

Global Business and Culture Club (GBCC) promotes the globalization of business at the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration and the University of Virginia. GBCC serves as a forum for students who are interested in global business leadership. It sponsors programs that support academic diversity, enhances professional opportunities for its membership, maintains ties with international alumni, promotes Darden to prospective students, and offers cultural events to the entire Darden and University communities. GBCC is well known for hosting periodical Globetrotters lunch and learn sessions, an avenue for students to share their perspectives on their regions. The annual Global Food Festival is an opportunity for Darden students to share their respective countries’ heritage, traditions, culture, food, etc.  The club communicates and supports relevant initiatives of related committees and organizations within Darden, such as each of the International Affinity Clubs and the International Student Advisory Group (ISAG).

Latin American Student Association (LASA) is one the most active student-run organizations at Darden and its main purpose is to provide Latin American students and students interested in Latin American cultures with a forum to pursue cultural, professional, and social opportunities by maintaining and strengthening ties with Latin American alumni and by supporting career development opportunities for its members. LASA acts as an academic, professional, and social resource; promoting and supporting the efforts of the Darden Community to increase diversity in the curriculum, faculty, and student body. LASA’s efforts are aimed not only at increasing Latin American awareness in Darden but also at increasing Darden awareness in Latin America.  The club communicates and supports relevant initiatives of related committees and organizations within Darden, such as the Global Business Culture Club (GBCC) and the International Student Advisory Group (ISAG).

The Middle East and Islamic Student Association (MEISA) aims to promote awareness and understanding about Middle Eastern culture and the Islamic faith, particularly related to doing business with people from or in those communities. MEISA recognizes that Muslims come from all backgrounds and not all Middle Eastern students are Muslim; however, the club aims to hold social and cultural events for Darden students to learn about this increasingly important region, culture and religion. We plan to celebrate major holidays, such as Eid-Al-Adha, and provide a support structure for Muslim and Middle Eastern students or students interested in learning more about Islam and Middle Eastern culture.  The club communicates and supports relevant initiatives of related committees and organizations within Darden, such as the Global Business Culture Club (GBCC); Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives; and the International Student Advisory Group (ISAG).

Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation was established in 2000 through the visionary support of Frank Batten, Sr. (Col ‘50), former chairman and CEO of Landmark Communications and co-founder of the Weather Channel, along with his children, Frank Batten, Jr. (MBA ‘84) and Dorothy Neal Batten (MBA ‘90). Previously known as the Batten Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, the Batten Institute has been charged with a mandate to support Darden as a preeminent educator and thought leader of entrepreneurship and innovation. To fulfill this mission the Batten Institute provides three main areas of support:

Inspired Education. The Batten Institute’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership supports a rich, experience-based approach to entrepreneurship and innovation, through a broad array of classroom and experiential opportunities for students. This includes a forward-thinking entrepreneurship concentration, an i.Lab and business incubator, full-time internships, competitions, boot camps, mentorship programs, over $1 million in MBA scholarships, and a university-wide entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Transformative Research. The Batten Institute’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies advances knowledge in entrepreneurship and innovation through a diverse portfolio of research projects of consequence to business and society. Major initiatives include the Batten Research Grants program, which provides direct financial support to scholars, and the prestigious Batten Fellows program, which funds research by leading scholars and business thinkers worldwide. The Institute’s team of staff researchers also support faculty research, co-author books, develop cases, write journal and general interest articles, and contribute to the Institute’s regular series of Batten Briefings.
Energized Community. The Batten Institute fosters a diverse and collaborative community of scholars, students, alumni and practitioners around entrepreneurship and innovation. Major initiatives include the e-Conference, the Jefferson Innovation Summit, the Innovators Roundtable, and the Darden-Cambridge Judge Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference. Batten-supported forums, such as Design@Darden and the Society for Effectual Action, are global communities built around Darden’s thought leadership in effectuation and design thinking.

Today Darden has become widely recognized for offering one of the very best entrepreneurial learning experiences in the world. Over the past four years the Darden School of Business has been ranked consistently among the top-ten entrepreneurship programs, earning a #5 ranking overall (2014) and a #1 ranking for faculty from Princeton Review/Entrepreneur Magazine (2008, 2009, 2011).

Career Club Groups

The Adam Smith Society is a community of business school students and alumni dedicated to exploring the links among the economy, government, and society. The Society believes that business, entrepreneurship, and commerce are wellsprings that keep this country vibrant, creative, prosperous, and free. Through debate and discussion, the Society aims to advance this idea on campus and among business leaders.

Business & Public Policy (B&PP) has the unique mission of promoting cross-curricular education and discourse at the intersection of business and policy. The club works to engage in action-oriented discourse to cultivate a collaborative mindset and establish mutual responsibility for the societal effects of business and policy decisions. B&PP works to highlight professional opportunities among future policy and business leaders.

Community Consultants of Darden (CCoD) provides outstanding consulting service to small businesses and non-profits in the Charlottesville community; enables students to apply classroom instruction to real-world situations; offers experience in a variety of functional areas including operations, finance, marketing, business development/strategy, and consulting; and builds students management and leadership expertise.

Consulting Club has as its primary goal informing the Darden Community about the opportunities available in the consulting industry and then providing interested students with the resources and assistance necessary to fulfill these opportunities.

Darden Business Innovation and Design Club (DBIDC) exists to foster a community around, promote the ideals of, and encourage career paths that incorporate design methodologies in leading organizations, solving business challenges, and facilitating innovation.

Darden Capital Management (DCM) is a student-run club focused on promoting the interest and experience of its members in the investment management industry. One of the main responsibilities of the Club is managing the Darden Fund, Jefferson Fund, Cavalier Fund, Rotunda Fund, and Monticello Fund. The five Funds have approximately $7.5 million in assets and are part of the school’s endowment.

Darden Private Equity Club (DPEC) seeks to build and develop a network of Darden students and alumni with common interest in private equity investing ranging from angel stage and venture capital to leveraged buyouts and turnaround situations, and to provide career training for students and continuing education for active alumni investors.

Darden Technology Club (DTC) is dedicated to connecting members to opportunities at tech companies, providing industry knowledge from thought-leaders, and offering hands-on skills training that is both approachable and relevant.

Data Science Club aims to educate MBA students on the importance of quantitative analytics and identify opportunities for members to pursue careers in or closely related to the field of data science across many industries. We see data science as the intersection of business acumen, statistical fluency and technical expertise — a field increasingly in demand as business store information on customers, transactions, employees and competitors.

Education Club works to raise awareness of Education issues among future business leaders; present career pathways for business students interested in Education; and promote cross curricular opportunities with the Curry School of Education (Cross listed curriculum or even a Joint Master’s Degree) As business leaders, citizens, and current or future parents, we are in a position to drive change in Education.

Energy Club assists students in gathering information about and facilitating employment in energy-related companies.

Entrepreneurial and Venture Capital Club (EVC) is Darden’s forum for sharing and gaining ideas about starting and building new ventures. The club provides an opportunity to meet successful entrepreneurs, sponsors educational lectures on the many facets of starting a business, helps students formulate business plans for the spring Business Plan Competition, and assists students in career searches.

Ethics in Business Society (provisional) unites individuals who believe in the inextricable tie between business and ethics and in business serving a greater purpose than the sole pursuit of profits, to facilitate coordination between members towards becoming impact oriented leaders, and to undertake activities that engage student communities, both within and outside Darden, with the aim of motivating dialogue and action on the broad range of issues falling under the umbrella of “business ethics”.

Finance Club works to increase the visibility and understanding of various careers in Finance including investment banking, commercial banking, finance positions in corporations, money management and financial consulting; helps members to find jobs in various areas of Finance; increases members professional knowledge; and fosters friendship among the Finance Club, particularly First Years and Second Years, and with members of other clubs at Darden.

Darden FinTech Club is devoted to promoting student interest in the FinTech industry, educating students on technologies and innovations impacting financial services, and supporting members pursuing careers in the FinTech industry or in industries influenced by FinTech.

General Management & Operations Club (GMO) is the largest career-oriented organization at Darden. The GMO Club is committed to bridging the gap between the classroom and the job market. Club members gain access to a large group of students who work in a diverse set of industries, countries and career tracks. The club will help students decide which direction to take as they navigate the complexities of their career search.

J.D./M.B.A Society serves as a focal point for communication between MBA-J.D. students and the Law and Business School administrations, faculty, student body, alumni, and prospective students. It promotes the exchange of information and advice among MBA-J.D.s, improves the functioning of the program, lobbies on behalf of MBA-J.D. students, and sponsors events and activities which promote interaction among the law and business school communities.

Marketing Club establishes a strong marketing reputation for Darden within academic and professional circles, provides a forum in which to educate and enhance their understanding of marketing issues, assists club members in discovering and exploring diverse marketing employment opportunities, and stimulates interaction among students, companies, and faculty to enhance participation in marketing and community relationships.

Media, Entertainment, and Sports Club (MES) seeks to increase the awareness of Darden within these industries while also encouraging employment opportunities.

Net Impact at Darden strives to inspire, educate, and equip individuals to use the power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world. Net Impact members share a passion for corporate responsibility, social enterprises, nonprofit management, community and international development, and environmental sustainability. Net Impact at Darden is part of a global network with more than 240 chapters on six continents and thousands of student and professional members. In 2020, Net Impact absorbed the Darden Impact Investing Club and added a VP Impact Investing to their leadership team.

Real Estate Club strives to enhance students’ understanding of the real estate industry, build and strengthen Darden’s relationships with real estate firms, and provide guidance to its members in their search of careers within the field. As an end goal, the Real Estate Club is focused on furthering the Darden brand while further solidifying Darden’s reputable presence in the real estate community.

Retail & Luxury Goods Club (R&LG) increases awareness and interest in the retail, consumer products and luxury goods industries among Darden students, and to increase Darden’s presence in these industries. The R&LG Club is the hub for retail alumni networking and strives to connect Darden students with their desired companies for summer and full-time positions. Students in the R&LG club will attend a career trek to New York City, join the First Year/Second Year career mentor program (RLG specific), attend educational workshops on retail and the non-traditional recruiting process and receive up-to-date information on industry news, industry conferences, and industry specific job opportunities.

Turnaround and Restructuring Club (TRC) pragmatically dovetails the school’s strong finance, consulting, general management and leadership development curriculum with a natural industry fit. The club’s charter is to foster financial and operational restructuring careers by providing both a knowledge and skills development program coupled with professional networking and employment opportunities.

Darden Center for Global Initiatives

The mission of the Center for Global Initiatives (CGI) is to strengthen and expand Darden’s global community, in Charlottesville and around the world, by providing educational opportunities and building partnerships. The Center accomplishes this mission by

  • Enhancing Darden’s relationships and alliances with select top-rated business schools from around the world
  • Establishing and nurturing contacts with corporations and other organizations around the world
  • Strengthening MBA student recruitment and placement globally
  • Fostering faculty and student global exposure through formal exchange programs, Darden Worldwide Courses, and hosting visitors and International Partner Programs
  • Supporting research with global content and/or with implications for international business practice and education
  • Communicating Darden’s global activities to the Darden community and to external audiences and constituencies

CGI supports a range of curricular and co-curricular activities aimed at strengthening students’ global exposure and experience, including:

  • Exchange: Each year second year Darden students have the opportunity to study at one of our partner schools; we also welcome students from those schools to Darden.
  • Darden Immersion Courses: One to two week courses led by Darden faculty in countries around the world focused on developing insight and knowledge of business cultures and markets outside the United States
  • Darden Topics Courses: One to two week courses led by Darden faculty in a particular location outside of the United States that adds particular value and depth to a topic, such as studying global financial markets in London
  • Global Consulting Projects: Students gain academic credit and hands on experiences working on a particular project for a global client organization
  • Student clubs: CGI funds student club activity that enriches the international experience at Darden, such as the International Food Festival, conferences, and social activities

The Center for Global Initiatives is supported by the W. Tayloe Murphy endowment, which was established in 1962 with a $1,000,000 gift from an anonymous donor. The gift honored prominent banker and legislator W. Tayloe Murphy in “recognition and appreciation of his unfaltering support of the Graduate School of Business Administration.”

Darden Student Life

Outreach Clubs

Building Goodness in April of Charlottesville (BGiA)) is part of a national organization dedicated to keeping low-income, elderly, and disabled homeowners living in warmth, safety, independence, dignity, and decency through home repair and rehabilitation volunteer services. Each year, the group repairs and rehabilitates 12-14 homes during a one-day event.

Community Consultants of Darden (CCoD) provides outstanding consulting services to small business and non-profits in the Charlottesville community; enables students to apply classroom instruction to real-world situations; offers experience in a variety of functional areas including operations, finance, marketing, business development/strategy, and consulting; builds students’ management and leadership expertise.

Social Clubs

Cold Call Chorus is an Acappella singing group, celebrating the Darden culture through music and comedy. It is committed to providing high-quality entertainment for Darden and the community as well as to improving the musical abilities of its members.

Darden Dance Club is a student run, and the only organization in Darden dedicated to promoting fun and health through dancing. We provide members with dance lessons in various styles, advanced workshops, dance workouts, and social dancing opportunities throughout Charlottesville. The DDC is perfect for beginner dancers learning their first steps or more advanced dancers wanting to find a social dance group.

Darden School of Brew is a student organization dedicated to providing the Darden student body with the opportunity for a “deep-dive” into the beer industry and the technical process of brewing beer. The club works in collaboration with local Charlottesville breweries to brew beer on a quarterly basis on a relatively large scale in addition to small batch brews that are made individually and shared by club members throughout the year. The club is highly educational and seeks to educate its members through hands on brewing experiences as well as through guest speaker events. The club seeks to engage its members in all stages of product development from initial design and production to marketing and customer feedback

Outdoors Club provides members with opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and develop friendships in a non-academic environment. Activities include hiking, biking, spelunking, rock climbing, sailing, skiing, fly fishing, and white water rafting.

Photography Club is a place where photographers of all skill levels can interact, improve their craft and share their art through various club sponsored activities.

Wine and Cuisine Club (WACC) seeks to educate members about a broad range of cuisine and beverages including beer, wine, and spirits. They help to facilitate the responsible enjoyment of food and drink through socially and culturally engaging events. Finally, they look to promote industry interaction and career development within these targeted areas.

Student Government

Darden Student Association (DSA) is a group of 16 students, elected by their classmates as a representative body, who advocate on behalf of clubs and individuals representing the interests, concerns, and desires of the student body. The Darden Student Association President, Executive Vice President, Vice President Finance, Vice Presidents Honor, Vice President Diversity, Vice President International, Vice President Darden Cup, Vice President Outreach, Vice President Technology, Vice Presidents Social, Vice President Career, and Student Council Representative, comprise the DSA Executive Team. In this role, they serve on the boards of various Darden (faculty and student) and University of Virginia committees and organizations, representing the interests, concerns, and desires of MBA students. Included within this team are DSA representatives to the University Honor Committee and the University Judiciary Committee.


DSA-Appointed Committees:

  • First Year Orientation Committee is responsible for the social aspects of orientation, team building for the learning teams, as well as encouraging early faculty-student interactions.
  • Social Committee is responsible for hosting and coordinating a variety of non-academic social activities throughout the year. The committee is comprised of representatives of both the first and second year class.
  • Graduation Committee plans and executes events relating to graduation, including selection of the class speakers and faculty marshals.
  • Health Insurance Committee represents the insurance needs and interests of Darden students to the University-wide Student Health Insurance Committee (SHIC).
  • Tutoring Committee coordinates all aspects of peer-led tutoring at Darden. This involves weekly group sessions as well as individualized attention.
  • Outreach at Darden seeks to help students get involved in the Charlottesville community. It encourages the spirit of giving, contributes Darden’s diverse talents to Charlottesville, and fosters community involvement in future business leaders.
  • MBA Program Advisory Committee develops recommendations for the faculty governing body of the MBA program regarding curriculum and the student experience.

Athletics Clubs

Darden offers student-led athletics clubs including golf, basketball, racquet, running, and soccer. Athletics clubs are open to all Darden students, promoting healthy living and teamwork through athletics and physical activity.

Degree Programs

The Darden Graduate School of Business offers three MBA program formats, a doctoral degree, and a wide selection of dual-degree programs.

  • Master of Business Administration
  • MBA for Executives
  • Global MBA for Executives
  • Doctoral Program
  • Dual Degree Program

Endowed Scholarships, Foundation Scholarships, and Fellowships

There are numerous scholarships available to students: http://www.darden.virginia.edu/web/MBA/Financial-Aid/Scholarships/Home/

Institute for Business in Society

The Darden School’s Institute for Business in Society aims to be a leading global catalyst and convener of thought, information and action on the role of business in society and to promote the development of leaders who positively impact society through their roles in business.

Institute activities focus on the relationship of business and society, addressing wide-ranging i

ssues including leadership in the current regulatory environment, public-private partnerships, health care, new business models of stakeholder engagement, and trust in business and markets.

The Institute is guided by an advisory committee of Darden faculty, chief executives, and highly-regarded thought leaders who support the Institute in identifying strategic business in society issues, building new knowledge, and proactively developing leading practices and competencies.

Loan Funds

More than 70 percent of Darden students obtain loans to finance all or part of the cost of their Darden education. Loans are available to enrolled graduate students and range from short-term emergency loans to long-term loans intended to finance major educational costs. Loan money is available to all students who qualify for it, and prospective students should not be deterred from applying for admission if they are willing to undertake long-term loans. For further information, contact the Darden School Financial Aid Office, (434) 924-7739

Olsson Center for Applied Ethics

The Olsson Center for Applied Ethics, an international leader in the field of business ethics, serves as a critical resource for scholars, students, and Darden alumni focused on connecting business and ethics. It is widely recognized as one of the top centers for the study of business ethics in the world.

The Olsson Center has a dual mission: to be one of the leading sources of thinking about the role of ethics in business and to enhance the intellectual life of the University of Virginia by contributing to a University-wide conversation about the role of ethics in modern society.

The Olsson Center engages in a wide array of activities to carry out its mission. It supports the research activities of Darden faculty; it holds nationally recognized research gatherings that push the frontiers of knowledge generation; it hosts the Olsson Fellows – a group of distinguished scholars who work jointly on research projects with Darden faculty, it supports Darden’s Ph.D. degree program in Management with an emphasis on Business Ethics; and it partners with other organizations, such as the Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics, on initiatives such as The Project on Public Trust in Business.

In 1966 the Elis and Signe Olsson family of West Point, Virginia, founded an agency to focus on “efforts to improve standards of behavior in both public and private business” at the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business Administration. Over the past three decades, the Olsson Center has helped heighten the awareness of ethical and moral issues in business.

Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management (MCAM)

MCAM Advisory Group: The MCAM Advisory Group was convened in late 2012 to advise the Dean on MCAM objectives and activities, and to assist with generating support for MCAM. The Advisory Group consists of founding MCAM supporters, faculty, staff and asset management professionals. The Group supports the continued advancement of the Center. Learn more about the MCAM Advisory Group members.

MCAM Activities: The research center’s activities will include:

Research: Publishing leading-edge research in top journals
Conferences: Hosting highly regarded conferences such as Darden’s International Finance Conference and the University of Virginia Investing Conference (UVIC). The UVIC conference has been hosted at Darden since 2008.
Best Practices: Identifying best practices in asset management through research and interaction with practicing managers in the field with venues such as the CAM roundtable event, which began in 2012.

Cases and Educational Materials: Developing asset management cases and other educational materials, to be published by Darden Business Publishing
Student Programs: Enhancing Darden Capital Management (DCM), the student-run investment fund, and creating new educational programs in the field of finance at Darden

Mission: The Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management (MCAM) advances the study and practice of asset management through top-quality research, regular conferences and activities, support for the students of Darden Capital Management, and the development of educational programs.

Vision: Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management (MCAM) will become a global leader in the field of asset management by producing market-facing research and by preparing skilled future asset managers. MCAM will serve as a hub of thought leadership and professional development for faculty, students, alumni and business practitioners in the field of asset management.

Student Awards

C. Stewart Sheppard Distinguished Service Award

An honorary award established by the Darden School Foundation, the C. Stewart Sheppard Distinguished Service Award is open to students in both MBA program formats and recognizes Darden students for exceptional service to the School or the University of Virginia that is of a nonacademic nature. Service is to be interpreted broadly to mean all activities that benefit the School or any of its constituencies, other than those activities that occur in the classroom during regularly scheduled classes.

Faculty Awards for Academic Excellence

Approved by the faculty in 1980, these awards are open to students in both program formats and recognize contributions to the MBA program of those students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance throughout their entire career at the School. Selection is to be based solely on a student’s cumulative academic performance in the MBA Program, and the award is presented to the top 10 percent of the graduating class as determined by their cumulative grade-point average. Recipients of the Faculty Awards for Academic Excellence will be formally acknowledged at Darden School’s Final Exercises. Academic performance is determined by the Registrar in consultation with the chair of the Academic Standards Committee.

Frederick S. Morton Leadership Award

This award is given to a Second Year MBA student in recognition of the student’s exceptional leadership within the Darden community. Leadership may be interpreted to include such academic activities as classroom and group project experiences as well as extracurricular activities involving Darden organizations. The award should highlight a student’s leadership, vision, and insight in expanding on or improving the Darden experience. Award recipients must be members of the graduating class. The second element of the award is the recipient’s selection of the teaching-faculty member who best fostered the recipient’s leadership ability while at Darden by stimulating the recipient to act upon ideas for evolution and improvement.

G. Robert Strauss Marketing Award

This award is presented annually by the marketing faculty to a student who, in his or her First Year, has demonstrated (1) innovative thinking, (2) the ability to develop unique solutions to real world problems, (3) flair and charisma in presenting ideas, (4) provocative insight when challenging classmates’ viewpoints, (5) compassion for fellow students, (6) solid skills at case analysis, and (7) a requisite understanding of basic marketing concepts. The ideal candidate will exhibit the attributes of team spirit and a willingness to help other classmates, suggesting a well balanced approach to the Darden experience. This award is open to students in the Residential Format Program.

MBA for Executives Faculty Award

The award is given to a member of the graduating MBA for Executives class whose attitude and high engagement contributed positively to a classroom experience that reflected a supportive and equitable learning environment and an integrated, enterprise perspective.

The Selection Committee will consist of the Associate Dean of the MBA for Executives Program and Core Term Faculty Leaders. The Assistant Dean of the MBA for Executive program will serve as a non-voting member. A call for nominations will be made by the Associate Dean of the MBA for Executives Program to the Core and Elective MBA for Executives faculty.

Samuel Forrest Hyde Memorial Fellowship

Each year, the faculty shall award by vote the Samuel Forrest Hyde Memorial Fellowship to the student who has successfully completed his or her First Year at Darden and who has contributed most to the welfare of the School during that year and, by personality and devotion to the objectives of the School, shows the greatest promise of achieving a useful career. The award is open to students in the Full-Time Format Program and will entitle the recipient to the income of the Hyde Fund without regard to financial need. 

William Michael Shermet Award

Each year the faculty shall give the William Michael Shermet Award to the student or students who have demonstrated academic excellence in the First-Year program and who, by their determination and constructive attitude and service, have provided an example of responsible competitive spirit for their classmates. This award is open to students in the Residential Format Program.