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Graduate Record 2019-2020 
Graduate Record 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

School of Graduate Nursing: Activities and Organizations

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Nursing students are eligible for organizations and honors as well as for the general University activities and societies outlined in the University Regulations section. The School of Nursing is represented on the major student governmental bodies, the Graduate Professional Council, the Honor Committee, and the University Judiciary Committee. Student representatives to the University Student Council and the Judiciary Committee report to the Student Council of the School of Nursing. All students are members of the Nursing Student Council and the Graduate Nursing Student Organization. The Nursing Student Council coordinates all student functions within the School of Nursing.

Sigma Theta Tau International For information on the membership application and eligibility requirements, students should refer to the website for the Beta Kappa chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, the international honor society of nursing: https://community.nursing.virginia.edu/students/organizations/betakappa/membership-application/