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Undergraduate Record 2019-2020 
Undergraduate Record 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

McIntire School of Commerce: Non-Degree Programs

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McIntire Business Institute (MBI)

McIntire Business Institute (MBI)  

Executive Education Programs

An important aspect of the McIntire School’s mission is serving the continuing education needs of the private and public sectors. The area of executive business education continues to grow and change as businesses realized the importance of keeping their manager’s skills current with the dynamic nature of industries and markets. The McIntire School of Commerce seeks to address these education needs through the following types of programs:

Certificate in Sustainable Business

The Certificate in Sustainable Business prepares working professionals and students to harness innovation that benefits the environment, the economy, and communities. Integrating traditional business skills with world-changing thinking, the Sustainable Business program explores sustaining the ecosystem while also increasing business opportunities for a greater good.

Certificate in Cybersecurity for Business Leaders

Today, every business faces a wide range of cybersecurity threats. The McIntire School of Commerce, in conjunction with the Center for the Management of Information Technology, offers the Certificate in Cybersecurity for Business Leaders to prepare participants to identify and respond to threats, protect critical data and systems to secure intellectural property, and maintain their organization’s reputation.

Customized Executive Education Programs

The McIntire School works closely with individual firms and organizations in custom designing and presenting programs to meet their unique needs. Over the past few years, McIntire has designed custom programs including the NACAS Sr. Leadership Forum, Leadership Excellence in the Accounting Profession (LEAP) and the McIntire Executive Certificate in Management Program.

Sponsored Lectures and Seminars

This program encourages an exchange of ideas among business, banking, and government leaders through a continuing series of lectures, seminars, conferences, and workshops. These include workshops sponsored by the Finance, IT, Management, and Marketing Areas at McIntire. The Finance, Management, and Marketing Areas conduct speaker workshops in conjunction with faculty at Darden.