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Graduate Record 2018-2019 
Graduate Record 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy: Activities and Organizations

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Batten Graduate Council
The Batten Graduate Council represents the needs and interests of Batten School students. It helps to enrich their academic experience by encouraging community outreach, student leadership, special events, and professional development activities. The Council also provides opportunities for interaction among students, faculty, and alumni to foster a strong culture and close-knit Batten community.

Black Student Leaders in Policy (BSLIP) of Batten
BSLIP at Batten is an organization that exemplifies training in policy analysis and critical leadership skills to uplift its members and the UVA minority community ethically and academically, through effective, professional, and interpersonal networking strategies. The organization’s goals are: create networks between students, faculty, alumni, and firms to establish long-term relationships and provide resources to ultimately ensure success from the admissions phase through post-graduation; give Black students in Batten a sense of ownership, contributing important voices to the dialogue that underscores the policy challenges facing our nation and the world; ultimately increase the number of Black student applications and matriculates who apply to the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy and contribute to their positive academic and co-curricular experiences.

FCG Consulting
FCG Consulting strives to bridge the gap between the Batten and the Charlottesville communities by connecting Batten students with opportunities to provide policy and consulting services to organizations that facilitate social change in the Greater Charlottesville Area. FCG provides professional development, training opportunities, client project support, service and social opportunities, and the opportunity to give back to the Charlottesville community.

Omicron Circle, Omicron Delta Kappa (O∆K)
Omicron Delta Kappa, the National Leadership Honor Society, recognizes and encourages superior leadership and exemplary character. O∆K encourages collaboration among members across the five phases celebrated by O∆K: scholarship, athletics, service, communications, and arts. Founded in 1914 at Washington and Lee University, O∆K honors and develops leaders through scholarships, workshops, career opportunities, leadership resources, and a lifelong connection to other members. UVA’s Omicron Circle was established on May 28, 1925.

Virginia Policy Review
The Virginia Policy Review publishes student articles about international, domestic, and regional public policy issues. Founded by the first MPP class of the Batten School, its primary purposes include focusing the university community’s attention on current public policy issues, providing UVA students with a journal of well-researched, readable policy analysis, and offering both undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to improve their writing, editing, and research skills. Each year, the Virginia Policy Review publishes two full issues (Winter and Summer), as well as a special topical issue each Fall. Additionally, the Virginia Policy Review hosts graduate policy journal staff at an annual National Journal Conference to discuss best practices for policy-related academic publications.

Women in Policy (WiP)
WiP serves as a casual forum for students to discuss women and gender policy issues. Through compelling conversations, WiP aims to motivate members to actively engage with these policy concerns at WiP meetings, at UVA, and in the world. All discussions are informal and gender-inclusive, meaning we welcome all viewpoints and perspectives to expand our understanding of these complex issues. WiP firmly believes that both genders’ experiences and outlooks are essential to a dynamic dialogue of gender challenges in policy. This is not just a club for women and we encourage all interested men to join the conversation.