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Undergraduate Record 2018-2019 
Undergraduate Record 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

McIntire School of Commerce: Centers

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Center for Business Analytics (CBA)


Center for Business Analytics (CBA), launched in spring 2014 with funding and sponsorship from various advisory board firms, the CBA’s mission is to establish McIntire as a leader in Business Analytic education, research, and professional innovation. Specific goals of the CBA are:

  • Expand the undergraduate Business Analytics Track
  • Expand the Analytics track in the M.S. in Commerce program
  • Sponsor Course projects, panels, workshops, and colloquia
  • Conduct cutting-edge research that is relevant to academic and practitioner audiences
  • Establish a scholars program
  • Support local businesses and non-profits through outreach initiatives
  • Connect students and industry partners for recruiting purposes

Current CBA corporate partners are: * Amazon Web Services * Capital One * Cap Tech * comScore *Deloitte * EY * Hilton Worldwide * IBM * Ipsos * Kate Spade *McKinsey & Company * MLB * The Great Courses

Center for Global Commerce


Center for Global Commerce prepares students for long-term success providing an increasingly global perspective as well as globally oriented functional and cross-cultural business skills. In addition, the School must attract and engage a globally diverse student population, build globally focused intellectual capital, and develop partnerships with other leading business schools and global companies throughout the world.

The Center leads the planning and implementation of a sustained, integrative, and comprehensive global strategy for the School. The Center focuses on the following:

  • Strengthening global curriculum and academic programs - the Center supports faculty in the development of essential new global curricula and teaching materials as well as the School’s study abroad programs. The Center also administers a financial aid program for students requiring assistance to study abroad.
  • Fostering global scholarship and research – the Center actively encourages and funds globally oriented scholarship on such crucial topics as global financial markets and cross-cultural consumer research. The Center plays a primary role in facilitating relationships with global business enterprises and global academic institutions. 
  • Broadening community engagement – the Center actively promotes the School’s global perspective and capabilities, reaching out to students, academics, professionals, and other key members of the global business community.

The Center for Growth Enterprises


The Center for Growth Enterprises serves to advance the understanding of growth companies and to create a world-class program focused on the strategic, finance, and management issues associated with growth enterprises and the factors that drive wealth-creating organizations and economic expansion. The Center sponsors two speaker series, “Money Talks” and “Conversations on the Lawn,” as well as the School’s annual symposia and fall forums.

The Center for the Management of Information Technology


The Center for the Management of Information Technology promotes research and education on topics related to the management and application of information technology within organizations. To this end, the center functions as the nexus for an interdisciplinary network of practitioners and academicians.  CMIT objectives include:

  • To research the development, implementation, and utilization of information systems and technology in organizations;
  • To promote interaction between practitioners and the academic community;
  • To facilitate the continuing education and development of faculty;
  • To provide training, development, and continuing education for practitioners engaged in the management of IT; and
  • To create an effective link between the business community and the resources of the University of Virginia, including practitioner access to students, faculty, special programs, and research publications.

The Galant Center for Entrepreneurship


The Galant Center was founded in 2008, through the initial funding of Mark E. Galant (McIntire ‘80).  Our mission is to encourage, educate, and empower students–past and present–to take on crucial roles in the new venture community, thereby impacting the world in which we live and creating value of all kinds. We develop and support courses, degree programs such as the Entrepreneurship Minor, competitions such as the Galant Challenge and the E-Cup, research, speakers, workshops, and student-directed initiatives in an effort to catalyze entrepreneurial activity not only within the McIntire School, but also across and beyond the Grounds of the University of Virginia.

The McIntire Center for Financial Innovation


The McIntire Center for Financial Innovation advances our understanding of finance through research and programs focused on corporate finance and capital markets. It encourages the development of high-quality research and education that can ultimately benefit finance practitioners and students. The center also seeks to promote the collaboration of faculty and executives, including alumni, both in and out of the classroom. In the process, world-class scholars and practitioners team up to pursue and communicate new insights into the workings of financial markets. 

The PricewaterhouseCoopers Center for Innovation in Professional Services


The PricewaterhouseCoopers Center for Innovation in Professional Services seeks to advance the collective knowledge of professional services in three integrated ways: by sponsoring small, faculty-driven, student centric programs throughout the academic year, which are integrated into the McIntire curriculum, required for students, and open to all University members; by actively engaging students, faculty, and targeted practitioners interested in sharing ideas on best practices within professional services through these student-centric programs; and by disseminating program outcomes and other relevant content to a broader audience.