Dec 10, 2018  
Graduate Record 2017-2018 
Graduate Record 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Graduate School of Architecture: Awards, Honors and Scholarships

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The School of Architecture offers financial assistance to students in the following areas:

Federal Student Loans

Students enrolled at the School of Architecture may be eligible to apply for Federal Student Loans. More information regarding federal loans can be found in the Financial Aid section of this Record. In addition to the Stafford Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans, students may also apply for private loans to help fund their education.

More information regarding all financial aid sources listed above can be found on the School of Architecture’s financial aid website:

Federal Work-Study Funding
Information regarding work-study funding can be found in the Financial Aid section of this Record. The School of Architecture will support funding to the extent possible within the budget. Students receiving work study awards typically help a member of the School with an undertaking connected with research or teaching. The department chair reserves the right to assign some students to positions needed throughout the school, such as Information Technology or building services jobs.

Merit-Based Scholarships/Fellowships
Through the generous support of donors, the School of Architecture is able to offer a number of scholarships to full-time graduate students. Incoming students may qualify for scholarships based on the strength of their application to the graduate program (no separate application is required). For returning students, there are a few competitive fellowships in Architecture and Landscape Architecture that require an application. All requests for proposals (RFPs) are posted yearly on the School of Architecture Fellowships and Scholarships webpage.

Travel/Research Stipends
There are opportunities throughout the year to apply for research or other travel stipends. These are typically awarded for thesis research or School of Architecture study abroad programs.Applications for travel/research stipends are posted each semester on the Fellowships and Scholarships webpage for the School of Architecture.