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Graduate Record 2016-2017 
Graduate Record 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Curry School of Graduate Education: Student Organizations

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Education Council (EC) is the representative student organization for the Curry School of Education. In addition to its function as liaison between students and faculty of the School of Education, the EC participates in many service programs affecting the University and the Charlottesville community, such as tutoring underprivileged children and coaching children’s sports. The EC is open to both graduate and undergraduate students.

Council for Exceptional Children is a professional group focusing on issues related to individuals with exceptionalities. Membership is open to both faculty and students who have an interest in working with exceptional individuals. It is sponsored by the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education.

Counselor Education Student Organization (CESO) Counselor Education majors at all levels of preparation can be part of the CESO. The organization helps to coordinate student orientation to the program and the University of Virginia for fall semester, provides a peer orientation program, conducts a town hall meeting each year for students and faculty, and functions in other ways as integral members of the Counselor Education Program. Students and faculty members interact regularly throughout the year.

The Clinical and School Psychology Student Association is open to all students in the Clinical and School Psychology program.  It holds an orientation for new students in the program each year, sends representatives to meetings, sponsors social gatherings, organizes and chairs an Annual Town Meeting for the entire Clinical and School Psychology community, and annually bestows the Lucile E. Michie Award in recognition of a professional in clinical psychology who has been supportive of student development.

The National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) is open to all students in the Communication Disorders Program. It is a pre-professional, social, and philanthropic organization that sponsors student activities throughout the year. Membership in the national NSSLHA organization qualifies students for a variety of benefits, including special rates for journals and conventions and initial ASHA membership. NSSLHA membership is required for access to members-only materials that support certain courses.

Student Virginia Education Association membership is open to both graduate and undergraduate students. Members participate in various professional activities, receive educational publications, participate in seminars and conferences, and receive liability/tort insurance.

SEEDS for Change is a student organization committed to bridging gaps between cultural and community differences in the Curry School and Charlottesville.