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Undergraduate Record 2015-2016 
Undergraduate Record 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

College of Arts & Sciences: Departments/Programs

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Departments Programs

    •  College Arts Scholars Program  
    •  College Science Scholars Program  
    •  Independent Studies and INST Courses  
    •  Interdisciplinary Major of Global Studies  
    •  Interdisciplinary Major Program  
    •  Liberal Arts Seminars (LASE)  
    •  University Seminars  

African-American & African Studies       •  African American and African Studies  
American Sign Language       •  American Sign Language  
American Studies       •  American Studies  
Anthropology       •  Anthropology  
Archaeology       •  Archaeology  
Art       •  History of Art  
    •  Studio Art  
Astronomy       •  Astronomy  
Biology       •  Biology  
Chemistry       •  Chemistry  
Classics       •  Classics  
Cognitive Science       •  Cognitive Science  
Comparative Literature       •  Comparative Literature  
Computer Science       •  Computer Science (B.A.)  
Drama       •  Dance  
    •  Drama  
East Asian Languages, Literatures, and Cultures       •  East Asian Languages, Literature and Culture  
Economics       •  Economics  
English       •  English  
Environmental Sciences       •  Environmental Sciences  
Environmental Thought and Practice       •  Environmental Thought and Practice  
French       •  French  
German       •  German  
    •  German Studies  
History       •  History  
Human Biology       •  Human Biology  
Italian (See Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese Languages and Literatures)    
Jewish Studies       •  Jewish Studies  
Latin American Studies       •  Latin American Studies  
Linguistics       •  Linguistics  
Mathematics       •  Mathematics  
Media Studies       •  Media Studies  
Medieval Studies       •  Medieval Studies  
Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures       •  Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures  
Music       •  Music  
Neuroscience       •  Neuroscience  
Philosophy       •  Philosophy  
    •  Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law  
Physics       •  Physics  
Political and Social Thought       •  Political and Social Thought  
Politics       •  Politics  
Portuguese (See Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese Languages and Literatures)  
Psychology       •  Psychology  
Religious Studies       •  Religious Studies  
Slavic Languages and Literatures       •  Slavic Languages and Literatures  
Sociology       •  Sociology  
Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese Languages and Literatures       •  Italian  
    •  Spanish  
Statistics       •  Statistics  
Women, Gender & Sexuality       •  Women, Gender & Sexuality