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Undergraduate Record 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Record 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy: Activities and Organizations

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Batten Student Council – The Batten Student Council represents the needs and interests of Batten School students. It helps to enrich their academic experience by encouraging community outreach, student leadership, special events, and professional development activities. The Council also provides opportunities for interaction among students, faculty, and alumni to foster a strong culture and close-knit Batten community.

Virginia Policy Review – The Virginia Policy Review publishes student articles about international, domestic, and regional public policy issues. Founded by the first MPP class of the Batten School, its primary purposes include focusing the university community’s attention on current public policy issues, providing U.Va. students with a journal of well-researched, readable policy analysis, and offering both undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to improve their writing, editing, and research skills.

Accelerated MPP students may also participate in the following activities and organizations for Batten School graduate students:

Domestic Policy Roundtable – The Domestic Policy Roundtable was founded to give Batten School MPP students a place outside the classroom where they could debate pressing topics in domestic policy. Topics such as education policy, health policy, energy policy, and environmental policy are all examined. Debates are always lively but never partisan. DPR attempts to blur the lines of party politics and determine how good policy can be sold as good politics.

Week-in-Review – Week-in-Review was founded within the Batten School as a deliberative discussion forum for MPP students interested in foreign policy. Graduate students critically discuss current foreign policy events and their implications for the present and future geo-political state of affairs. Week-in-Review brings speakers to Grounds several times per year to discuss their experiences in the foreign policy arena and screens documentaries relating to a wide range of hard and soft power issues.