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Undergraduate Record 2011-2012 
Undergraduate Record 2011-2012 [ARCHIVED RECORD]

Programs and Degrees Offered

Programs and Degrees Offered

Listed below are the undergraduate programs and degrees offered by the University of Virginia. The degrees and programs listed below will appear on students’ official academic records after they have been awarded the degree. Degrees are conferred in May, August, and January. All course work must be completed before the conferral of a degree. Students who do not complete their course work by the published graduation date will be awarded their degree at the next available degree date. Degree requirements are subject to change each year by vote of the faculties of the schools in which the programs are offered. The abbreviations used in this table include the following:

B.A., Bachelor of Arts
B.Arch.Hist, Bachelor of Architectural History
B.I.S., Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies
B.S., Bachelor of Science
B.S.C., Bachelor of Science in Commerce
B.S.Ed., Bachelor of Science in Education
B.S.N., Bachelor of Science in Nursing
B.U.E.P., Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning




College of Arts and Sciences 

African American Studies  BA AFRAM-BA
Anthropology BA ANTHRO-BA
Area Studies -Latin American Studies BA ARLAMR-BA
Art-Art History BA ARTH-BA 
Art-Studio Art BA ARTS-BA
     - Cinematography    
     - New Media    
     - Painting    
     - Photography    
     - Printmaking    
     - Sculpture    
Astronomy BA ASTRON-BA
Astronomy-Physics BA ASTPHY-BA
     - Environmental & Biological Conservation    
Chemistry BA CHEM-BA
Chemistry BS CHEM-BS
     - Biochemistry    
     - Chemical Education    
     - Environmental     
     - Materials      
     - Chemical Physics    
Classics BA CLAS-BA 
    - Greek    
    - Latin    
Comparative Literature BA COMPLT-BA 
Economics BA ECON-BA 
     - Finance    
     - International Economics    
     - Public Policy    
English  Language & Literature BA ENGL-BA
     - Modern Studies     
     - Medieval & Renaissance    
     - Poetry Writing    
Environmental Sciences BA, BS  EVSC-BA, EVSC-BS
     - Environmental & Biological Conservation    
Foreign Affairs BA FORAFF-BA 
French  Language & Literature BA FRENCH-BA 
German  Language & Literature BA  GERMAN-BA 
Government BA GOVT-BA
Government-Foreign Affairs BA GOVFOR-BA 
History   BA HIST-BA 
Interdisciplinary BA INIMP-BA 
     - American Studies  BA INAMST-BA

           *  Popular & Visual Culture        

           *  Race & Ethnicity    
           *  Southern Studies    
           *  Student Designed    
     - Archaeology BA INARCY-BA
     - Chinese Language & Literature BA  INCHIN-BA
     - Cognitive Science BA  INCOGS-BA
            *  Cognitive Psychology    
            *  Computer Science    
            *  Linguistics    
            *  Neuroscience    
            *  Philosophy    
     - Computer Science BA INCOMP-BA
     - East Asian Studies BA  INEAST-BA
     - Echols Scholars Program BA  INECHL-BA
     - Environmental Thought & Practice BA INETP-BA
     - German Studies BA INGERM-BA
     - Global Development BA INGLBL-BA
           *  Global Public Health    
     - Human Biology BA INHBIO-BA
     - Japanese Language & Literature BA INJAPN-BA
     - Jewish Studies BA INJWST-BA
     - Linguistics BA INLING-BA
     - Literary & Cultural Studies BA INLITC-BA
     - Media Studies BA INMDST-BA
            *  Media Policy & Ethics    
     - Medieval Studies BA INMESL-BA
     - Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures BA INMEST-BA
     - Middle Eastern Studies BA INMSP-BA
     - Neuroscience BA INNESC-BA
     - Political & Social Thought BA INPPL-BA
     - Political Philosophy, Policy, & Law BA INPST-BA
     - South Asian Languages and Literatures BA INSASL-BA
     - South Asian Studies BA INSAST-BA
     - Statistics BA INSTAT-BA
           *  Actuarial Finance    
           *  Biostatistics    
           *  Econometrics    
           *  Engineering Statistics    
           *  Mathemathtical Statistics    
     - Studies in Women & Gender BA  INSWAG-BA
Italian BA ITAL-BA
Mathematics BA MATH-BA
     - Financial    
     - Graduate Preparation    
     - Probability & Statistics    
     - Teacher Education    
Philosophy BA PHIL-BA
     - Honors    
Psychology BA PSYCH-BA
Religious Studies BA RELIG-BA
     - African Religions    
     - Buddhism    
     - Christianity    
     - Hinduism    
     - Islam    
     - Judaism    
Slavic Languages & Literatures BA SLAVIC-BA
     - Russian & East European Studies    
     - Russian Language    
     - Russian Literature    
Sociology BA SOCIOL-BA
Spanish BA SPAN-BA
     - General Spanish    
     - Linguistics & Philosophy    
     - Literature & Culture    
School of Architecture 
Architecture BS ARCH-BS
     - Architectural Design    
     - Architectural Multi-Disc    
     - Architectural Studies    
     - Pre-Professional    
Architectural History BARH ARH-BARH
Urban & Environmental Planning BUEP PLAN-BUEP
McIntire School of Commerce 
     - Accounting    
     - Entrepreneurship Track    
     - Finance    
     - Global Commerce Track    
     - Information Technology    
     - Management    
     - Marketing    
     - Real Estate Track    
Curry School of Education 
Five Year Teacher Education Program 
     - Early Childhood Developmental Risk MT ECDEV-MT
     - Elementary Education  MT ELEM-MT
     - English Education MT ENGLED-MT
     - Foreign Language Education MT FORED-MT
     - Kinesiology MT KINES-MT
     - Mathematics Education MT MATHED-MT
     - Science Education MT SCIED-MT
     - Social Studies Education MT SOCED-MT
     - Special Education MT SPCED-MT
Kinesiology BSED KINES-BSED 
Speech Pathology & Audiology BSED SPATH-BSED
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Aerospace Engineering  BS AERO-BS
Biomedical Engineering BS BIOMEN-BS
Chemical Engineering  BS CHEMEN-BS
Civil Engineering  BS CIVIL-BS
Computer Engineering  BS COMPEN-BS
Computer Science  BS COMPSC-BS
Electrical Engineering  BS ELECT-BS
Engineering Science BS ENGSCI-BS
     - Materials Science & Engineering    
     - Nanomedicine Engineering    
Mechanical Engineering  BS MECH-BS
Systems Engineering  BS SYSTEM-BS
School of Nursing 
School of Continuing and Professional Studies 
Interdisciplinary Studies BIS IDST-BIS
     - Business    
     - Humanities    
     - Individualized Education - Elementary Education    
     - Individualized Education - Secondary Education    
     - Individualized Education - Special Education    
     - Individualized - Other    
     - Social Sciences